Choosing the Perfect Window Treatment

PL5Choosing the perfect window treatment can be a daunting task because there are so many different choices and styles that can complement your existing decor. There are some tips you can use to guide your decision so that you choose the right treatments for your room. You should also keep in mind that you can use a different window treatment in each room, so if you like more than one style you can incorporate all of your favorites.


You Want Plenty of Natural Light

If you want to enjoy lots of natural light then a more sheer curtain is going to be your best option. You can still get a bit of privacy, but will also be able to let the sun shine into your room. You can choose how much light gets in by the thickness of the curtain. For example, a very thin panel will let a lot of light in where a thicker or patterned panel will reduce how much light is able to get into your room.


You Want Maximum Privacy

Some rooms do need more privacy than others, such as your bathroom and cordless cellular shades can provide this. A lot of light can still get into the space, but you will not be able to be seen by anyone outside of your home. This offers the perfect mix of ultimate privacy, but also allows you to enjoy light streaming in from the outside.


You Want Medium Privacy and Natural Light

Modern draperies can offer both of these and are ideal in first-floor bedrooms where you want to sleep in peace and not have neighbors watching you. You can get drapery that is relatively thick, but still sheer enough to let light shine in. The newer draperies go from floor to ceiling and almost look like a wall of fabric. They are not like the older draperies that were made of velvet and blocked out all light.


You Want Total Darkness

There are some cases where total darkness is necessary in a room, such as a baby’s room when you want him or her to be able to nap comfortably throughout the day. These are usually a type of thicker drapery that has a blackout lining sewn into the back. These open up easily for the times that you want light to get in, but once they are closed, the light is unable to penetrate the thick fabric.


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